Bloom where you are Planted

4 Apr

After Mother Nature’s wonderful April Fools’ joke of 6 inches of snow in my part of the woods, I was beginning to wonder if spring would ever arrive…But thankfully the weather has taken a turn for the better over the last few days! I can feel spring in the air and long for her pretty pinks and blooming flowers – let’s just hope she stays around this time! As an enticement to ensure that happens, I present to you, the ‘Bloom where you are Planted’ theme:

First up is the Bloom plaque:

Pinwheels to spin in the spring breeze:

Live, Love, Laugh Cupcake Toppers:

A dainty Cake Bunting and more Toppers:

And one last look, to remind me to that spring isn’t too far away 🙂

Hope you enjoy…and hope spring is finally poking through in your neck of the woods too!

I partied here:

A Crafty Soiree

Weekend Bloggy Reading


One Response to “Bloom where you are Planted”

  1. Amy April 8, 2011 at 5:48 pm #

    Love the theme. Came over from Amanda’s…very cute and spring like. I am ready for some warm weather too!

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