Party Crashing!

6 Apr

I spend quite a bit of time surfing the web looking for creative ideas to add to my repertoire of handmade party stuff. And lucky for you…I’ve decided to share the wealth with each of you!

I hope folks don’t mind, but I’m going to ‘Party Crash’! Whenever I find something that I consider ‘to die for’, I’ll add it to my inspiration file and then share it with you!

So join in the fun and hopefully you’ll think the ideas are as awesome as I do!

For my first Party Crash, I introduce you to one of the coolest banners I have seen in a while. I make A LOT of banners…it always seems to be the staple party decor item folks want. I am already racking my brain, trying to figure out what occasion I can make this for!

It comes from Chelsea over at The Alexanders. Chelsea threw an adorable baby shower for a friend not that long ago. But, as I said, the piece that really struck a chord with me is this banner:

Don’t you just love it? She made the banner out of letters spelling out lullabies! I think Chelsea is a genius!

So darn simple, but with such huge impact!

Now excuse me while I go pick out a song so I can spend the next several hours cutting out the letters to each and every word! And be sure to hop over to Chelsea’s blog to catch the rest of her baby shower decorations!

You can read about all the shower details in her post Excuse me, but there’s something above your lip.


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