Party Crashing – Molten Lava Cakes

20 Apr

I know I’ve mentioned before that certain members of my family do NOT like chocolate – and yes, I am often told that we are not fit for this earth because of this fact…but have no fear, the remaining members of my family love chocolate so dearly that they eat not only their fair share, but also more than enough to make up for us non-chocolate eating weirdos!

With that said, I must say that some chocolately goodness makes my heart jump and my mouth water when I look at it…it just looks so darn good…I just can’t get past the taste. Still, being the good doobie that I am :), I do my best to keep my other chocoholics’ fixes in a good spot, so when I see something that I think will keep their cravings at bay, I am more than willing to make it for them…

This is one of those that I simply had to save…and share…

It looks to die for! The recipe is shared over at The White Library, by their food contributor Brittany. It it seems super simple to whip up. And I keep picturing a big scoop of vanilla ice cream added to the mix!

For those non-weirdo, chocolate loving peeps out there, go ahead over and check it out! And for those in my boat, go over anyway, you KNOW someone who would love this!!

Enjoy the Party!


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