Family Easter Get Together

30 Apr

My sister held Easter dinner for the family last weekend.  Unfortunately, my clan was not able to attend, but have no fear, it was because we were spending a wonderful day with my mother-in-law. I still thought, however, that it might be fun to share some pictures from her spread. Sorry if the pictures aren’t stellar, she wasn’t anticipating me sharing them all on my blog!

She always has a TON of food and sets it up between the eat-in kitchen and the dining room so that guests can move about to mingle.  First up is the kitchen spread…

Lots of yummy goodies to tide everyone over until dinner is ready.  Plus, it encourages guests to hang out in the kitchen and chat with the cook!

The main course buffet is served in the dining room:

I love the chocolate bunny centerpiece:

My sister works full-time, and has to travel quite a bit, but in her spare time (because we all have so much of that!) she also hosts beautiful Tea Parties at a local historic building. In the past I have helped out making menus, favors, etc for her guests. We’ll have to gather up some of those pictures to share with you as well!

Enjoy the Party!


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