Graduation Thought Clouds

29 Jun

One of my nieces graduated high school this year, and since my sister isn’t really into theme parties (not really sure what’s wrong with her!), I wanted to do something to add to the festivities, but knew it couldn’t be the typical graduate banner/cupcake topper/themey thing…

My sister had bought a few graduation silhouettes to place around the party table and the thinking started from there. The idea of graduation quotes and well-wishes sprouting from the silhouette’s heads was born and I took it from there…

I used my Cricut to cut out a zillion clouds, then spent some time surfing the web for graduation quotes that I liked. I put all the quotes into a document and played with various fonts. I ended up using those that looked like handwriting so it would seem that they were all handwritten (my sister actually thought they were when I first delivered them!). I printed out the quote document, then one by one I lined up and temporarily glued the clouds over a saying and reprinted it, so the quotes would then be on the cloud (hope that makes sense!). I made sure I reversed some of the clouds so when all was said and done I could glue 2 clouds back to back which made them double sided, with a different quote on each side.

With the clouds complete, I then went to work on how to attach them. I grabbed some extra wire I had laying around and wrapped it around a pencil. After pulling it off, I stretched it out a little bit, then curled the top and bottom into a circle, so that I could use it almost like a paper clip. I stuck each cloud into one of the coiled wires and loved them and was so excited to start sticking them all around the silhouettes…

Until I encountered a problem. 😦 The silhouettes were made out of VERY cheap cardboard…If I added more than one quote to any of them, the wires and clouds made them too top heavy and they proceeded to just tip over…Argh!!! I loved the clouds and was cursing the silhouettes! Not wanting to toss my fabulous idea, I tried various ways to get them to stay, but to no avail…After several frustrating attempts, I put the remaining clouds in a bag and brought them with me to help set up for the party, determined to figure out some way we could still use them…

Thank goodness for my sister and her tablescaping talents! 🙂 She had 2 large topiaries flanking the buffet table!

It worked out perfectly! As folks were making their way around the buffet table, they were able to read the various quotes! I think in the long run it made a larger impact then if they had all been crammed onto those stinky cardboard silhouettes! The single cloud over the silhouettes placed around the rooms, simply added to the overall feeling of well wishes! I’m so glad I didn’t throw in the towel and toss my thought clouds!

So here’s to persistence…and my lovely niece! Congratulations girlie! Wishing you the best of all things in life!

Enjoy the Party!


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