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Holiday Fun Wrapping Paper

21 Dec

Is everyone ready for the holidays?

I am one busy elf preparing for all the upcoming hoopla, not to mention already indulging in several warm up celebrations!
Most of my shopping is done, but I still have bunches and bunches of wrapping to do…I need to hire a couple of additional elves to help out!

And speaking of wrapping, I recently needed a quick wrap job for a Yankee Swap – it was a small gift but I didn’t have any wrapping paper available at my office, so I decided to create my own.

I thought it came out pretty cute, and figured someone else might think so too!
It’s a festive Holiday Word Search! 🙂

If you click on the image to save it, it should open up as an 8×10 image, which will be big enough for a ‘smallish’ gift.


I made a second version that included some of the holiday words circled, so that the recipient was clued into the fact that they could finish the Word Search if they wanted 🙂


And here’s the list of words that are hidden in the puzzle.
You could tuck it inside the box, etc.
It’s like getting a bonus present! Okay…maybe not, but it’s still kinda fun…


And for those .pdf loving folks: Holiday Word Search Wrapping Paper

And here is a horrible picture of said present that I took with my phone…I tried to pretty it up with some flashy editing…yeah, not very successful with that! 🙂


Enjoy the Party!

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Naughty or Nice?

13 Dec

Do you know someone who has been naughty or nice and you want to let them know? Then these are the tags you’ve been searching for! 🙂

Naughty Tag

Nice Tag

You can save them individually, or here is a pdf with 8 to a sheet: Naughty Or NiceTags

I’m gonna have fun with these!
Maybe I should have done a whole sheet of just Naughty! 😛

Enjoy the Party!

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Wonders Never Cease – Christmas Cards are Finished!

12 Dec

I know, I know…I had to get them done at some point, but we are talking almost 2 weeks before Christmas! That’s a miracle for me! Aren’t you proud?!


Sometimes, after so much time consuming work, when I look at a finished product, I sigh because just looking at it doesn’t seem to reflect the time and energy that went into it. This feeling seems to come about more often when I am making a lot of something, like these cards. Does that ever happen to you? You know you put so much into each one and hope that the recipient sees it too? I have some cards that I haven’t even been able to give away because of this weirdness…

Anyway, on with my process for this year’s Christmas cards…

The basis for each card was the ‘It Came Upon a Midnight Clear’ sheet music image I found at Little Birdie Blessings.

To that I added the Ornaments on the pine bough digital stamp (I’m not sure where this one came from, I’ve had it saved for quite a while and couldn’t find it again when searching).

I printed a ton of these out and then went into assembly line mode…


I distressed the edges of each print using a paper distressing tool (which I am in love with) and inking the edges.

Then came coloring time for the bough and ornaments. For this step, I had to color double the number of ornaments so I could add some dimension – Degree of Diligence Level 3 🙂

Once done coloring, I added some extra bling to the pine boughs with glitter glue. I fussy cut the extra ornaments and attached them into place with dimensional foam.

Time to glue everything on a variety of red, mustard or green card stock and tie a simple gold ribbon before mounting onto a kraft paper card base.


Before the cards were put together, I ran each card base through the printer to add my sentiment and added a smaller version of the stamp in the bottom corner.

Because of all the time I had spent actually making the cards, I took the lazy way out and also printed out our family signature on them (hence the lovely tag you see covering part of the inside).


Overall, the cards came out exactly as I had imagined them, and I hope they reflect the simple joy I wish for everyone throughout the holidays and beyond…


Now pardon, me while I go address all these envelopes sitting in front of me…staring at me…taunting me…

Enjoy the Party!

P.S. If you are one of the lucky recipients of one of these cards, you must do 2 things…1) Act all surprised even though you saw them on my blog already and 2) Ooh and aah at just how pretty they are 🙂

P.P.S. I do have the file I created to make the cards saved, but figured it didn’t make much sense to include it since I assume most folks are way beyond me and already have their cards figured out…but if you’re interested in having the file to make something yourself, I will certainly share, so let me know!

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