Degrees of Diligence in Cardmaking

8 Dec

My Holly Jolly printable got me thinking about the “Degrees of Diligence” I use when deciding to create a printable, card, or banner…just about any paper craft I make…


The first thing I need to ask myself is ‘just how much energy do I want to put into this?’ And the answer basically puts me somewhere on the Degrees of Diligence scale…

And yes, I totally made up the moniker “Degrees of Diligence” 🙂

#1 on the DOD
This level works great when I need to mass produce something. It’s great for invitations and the like. Basically, I design everything I need using various software so that I can simply print it out and be done with it…


#2 on the DOD
If I feel like putting a little more oomph into a card, I will cut it out, slightly smaller than the card size, and mount it on a solid piece of cardstock then apply it to the card base. It takes just a little more time, but it has a higher impact…


#3 on the DOD
At this level, I print out 2 cards for each finished one. I mount the first print as described in DOD #2, and from the second print I pick some areas that I want to highlight and fussy cut them out as well. For the Holly Jolly card, it was the ‘sign’ in the center. I simply use dimensional tape and place it directly over the image on the bottom layer. Doesn’t take much more effort, but the dimension brings it up another notch…


#4 on the DOD
This is the highest level of the Degrees of Diligence scale. This is typically reserved for one of a kind, special cards I am making – birthdays, anniversaries, etc. This is also the level of card I decided to make for Christmas this year – brilliant idea, I know.

At this level, I am going to really jazz the card up. In this example, I started with a level 3 Holly Jolly card, then glittered around the edge of the sign, added some additional dimensional holly, attached some tiny sequin stars and tied on a ribbon before adhering it to the card base…



So there you have it…my Secret Sauce to cardmaking, the Degrees of Diligence! Do you have a similar thought process when it comes to paper crafting?


If you’d like to play with the Holly Jolly printable yourself, you can get it here. And if you make something with it, I’d love to see!

Enjoy the Party!

Wanna know where I party? Check it out!


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