Lesson for the Day: Procrastination = Cute Tags

10 Dec

Woo hoo! I got one Christmas present wrapped!


Maybe I had better tone down my excitement…seeing as though I still have an ungodly number of them to finish wrapping, not to mention the fact that I still haven’t mailed my Christmas cards…but they are almost done…I just needed to take a little break from them for a bit. 🙂 Do you ever get like that?

The good news is that my procrastination has led to another printable…in order to wrap my single present I decided I needed to create some gift tags to help me complete the task…

gift tags

And this time instead of leaving you into the dark as to how they might look if you choose to use them, I figured I’d be nice enough to put a set together for you. 🙂 Yeah, that and the fact that once again, I was procrastinating!


They are darn cute though, so I guess my bad habits are paying off in the long run!

I put them together with a few different spins…there is always the simple, just cut it out and be done with it as I did with the star…or take that up a notch by glittering the edge, that’s the stocking…Some rhinestones were all that were needed to spruce up the ornament which ended up with a place of honor on my first present…

Or perhaps you could leave a little of the white border as you cut, like the snowman, who I think is very cute…I also gave him some silver dot buttons for some bling…The mitten I just mounted on a piece of red card stock and called it a day…


If you’d like to use the tags for your wrapping, you can click on the picture of the sheet of them above, and print or save it to your computer. Or if you prefer the pdf, here ya go: Red and Blue Gift Tags.

I guess now it’s time to get back to work and finish those elusive cards…

Or maybe I’ll wrap a few more presents since I have some pretty tags to put on them…


Enjoy the Party!

Wanna know where I party? Check it out!


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