Passing Love Notes in Class

10 Feb

Remember the days of sitting in a classroom, ignoring your teacher’s thought provoking lesson and instead passing notes back and forth with your friends?

And every once in a while some poor soul would get caught by a teacher…and their secrets on paper would be confiscated…or even worse read out loud to the rest of the class?

A rite of teenager passage. 🙂

That’s how I look back on those days.

I often wonder in this day of computers and smart phones if kids are missing out on this…instead of paper now they can just text to their pal at the next desk…that doesn’t seem quite as fun – or daring – as it used to be…

And this nostalgic memory is where I got the idea for another Valentine…


In honor of those days of yore, here is a notebook and doodle style valentine for you to pass to your secret crush sitting at the desk next to you…


I guess it’s a good sign that even my teenage daughter said they were cute and she might even hand a few out…


If you have only one secret crush you can download the single image:


But if you are more on the fickle side, there is also a .pdf with 5 to a page 😛


And remember, if you get caught passing one, I had nothing to do with it!


Enjoy the Party!

Wanna know where I party? Check it out!


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