An Irish Wish

9 Mar


I needed to swap out the Valentine printable I had framed, so I made a St. Patrick’s Day one with this saying that I liked…

You can print one for yourself to add a little extra flair to your St. Patty’s Day decor…


Here’s the pdf for those that prefer it: Irish Wish Printable

If you download it, I’d love to hear what you plan on doing with it…


In other news…

I have some cute St. Patrick’s Day favors to share with you, but I need to find the time to take some pictures of them!

Hopefully I’ll get them done this weekend, but at the moment I am getting ready to head off to a cheering competition and then another one tomorrow with one of my girls…Go Bravo All Stars!

Who ever said that cheerleading isn’t a sport, doesn’t have a clue…these girls are hard core athletes who train and practice their hearts out! I am constantly blown away by the level of skill I witness at these competitions!

Hope you’re doing something exciting this weekend too!

Enjoy the Party!

Wanna know where I party? Check it out!


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