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Sweet Pea Baby Card

11 Apr

I don’t know how the heck time is passing so fast…

I’ve been remiss not only on my blog posts, but in crafting in general…

Not enough hours in the day!

Somehow I squeezed in a little time to make this card for my niece’s baby shower recently…

The pictures are kind of stinky because I took them with my phone, since I was in such a hurry…

(Story of my life…)

But I loved the card and wanted to share it with you…


The Sweet Pea digital stamp is from Bugaboo Stamps

I think it is so darn cute…


It’s actually the girl, but I used it as a boy! 🙂


And the sentiment I added to the inside:


I’m not sure things are going to quiet down here anytime soon…

We’ve got a cheering competition in Disney, proms and a high school graduation coming up!

But I’ve decided I need to ensure I set aside some crafty time in order to keep my sanity…

No one wants Mommy to have a melt down!

Hopefully I’ll have more to share with you soon!

(fingers crossed!)

Enjoy the Party!

Wanna know where I party? Check it out!