A Wicked Witch’s Hat

25 Oct

Since I am a Massachusetts girl, born and bred, the word ‘wicked’ means a few things here…

“Wicked”, as in black, evil, witch’s hat…although I’d like to think it is more glamorous than evil…

But also, “wicked”, as in ‘wicked cool’, ‘wicked awesome’ witch’s hat! 🙂


I started with a paper mache hat from Michael’s, which I gave a couple of coats of black craft paint…


I love the combination of ribbon/yarn I wrapped around it…One is a wired black ribbon with all the orange glitter attached and the other was some black wispy yarn…

Then I added a couple of silk flowers for good measure…


I made the multi-layered glittered rosette then added the spider brad to the center…

Some black rhinestone flourishes up each side…

A few bat stickers were also called for…

Basically anything in the orange/black/green family that I had in my stash was game for this one!


I think it’s a hat any wicked cool witch would be proud to wear!

Enjoy the Party!

Wanna know where I party? Check it out!


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