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A Peace Offering – Thanksgiving Collage

19 Nov

I know, I know…I haven’t yet shown you what I did with my I am Thankful printable assortment…I apologize, but I have been VERY busy with my teenagers – between High School Semi-formals, State Cheer Competitions, Senior Locker decorating and Thanksgiving Pep Rally preparations I haven’t had time to work on them…I’ve barely had time to eat or sleep!

I have to get them done in order to use them in a couple of days, so I promise, I will show you eventually! 🙂

In the meantime, I have a quick peace offering:

Thanksgiving Collage - TLOTP

This one is quick and easy, just print it out and frame it up!

I also have it in pdf version if you prefer: Thanksgiving Collage

Enjoy the Party!

Wanna know where I party? Check it out!